M2 Products - the Foam Board Factory
M2 Products - the Foam Board Factory
M2 Products - the Foam Board Factory

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Waste Management

There are four main waste reduction options for PS supports:
1. Re-Use - PS materials can be re-used by grinding it to use as soil conditioner to improve drainage and aeration.

2. Recycle - is the reprocessing of used PS materials to make a new material such as hardwood replacement for making garden furniture, slate replacement for roofing tiles and new plastics items such as coat hangers, CD and video cases

3. Recover - Energy recovery is the reclamation of energy, usually in the form of heat from the incineration of waste. The process gives materials, which cannot be recycled economically, a genuine post-consumer use. PS has a very high calorific value, higher than that of coal, and can be safely burnt within energy recovery units, or incinerators, without giving off toxic or environmentally damaging fumes.

The combustion of PS in an energy recovery incinerator does not produce any harmful gases - the incineration emissions are carefully cleared and controlled. Incineration of PS is endorsed by the plastics industry as a safe and environmentally beneficial disposal method where the incinerator conforms to regulations for safety and pollution abatement. In a modern incinerator, PS releases most of its energy as heat, aiding in the burning of other garbage and emitting only carbon dioxide, water vapour and a trace of non-toxic ash.